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About Us

Fun in Motion Toys is the creator of Spinballs and mozi. We specialize in unique products that get people of all ages moving and grooving! Our mission is not only to create fun products that get you off the couch–we strive to create products with mental and physical benefits to engage people’s bodies and mind while they are engaged in FUN. As we grow, we are committed to providing a growing line of high quality toys that are affordable and safe for all abilities.

Our story began when we decided to provide a high quality, low cost LED poi option by creating Spinballs. Practicing poi brought us together, which is why we created Spinballs – we wanted to create a more affordable and accessible product while maintaining the quality, so we could introduce the benefits of poi to as many people as possible. We love and respect the activity, because it’s both fun and challenging, but it’s not so challenging that it feels impossible to do. We have tuned our product to be the best combination of features for a beginner or expert. 

After that, we couldn’t stop moving with just Spinballs. We wanted to keep the fun times moving along and created mozi – our newest sensation! 

Once we realized we wanted to come out with additional products that provided “fun in motion”, we decided to evolve and become Fun in Motion Toys to suit Spinballs, the launch of mozi, and our next creations. Get up and join the movement!

Kevin Daniels, Co-Founder

Jimi Dennison, Co-Founder