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What is poi?

Poi is Maori for ‘ball on a string”.

Practicing poi is useful for anyone – no matter how old you are, or where you are in your life. The physical, mental, and spiritual benefits are endless. It’s a pathway for people to discover their potential. As a modern version of the ancient Maori activity, Spinballs allows anyone interested in trying this fun and beneficial activity to easily do so.  People of all ages are able to enjoy the benefits of the mind, body, and soul that come from its practice.

Benefits of Poi


Get off the couch and get moving! Spinballs improves balance, coordination, reflexes and motor skills, as well as fosters flexibility in your body.


Practicing poi boosts confidence and creates a sense of accomplishment. It improves mental awareness and rhythm, concentration, processing speeds, and memory.


Comparable to tai chi and yoga – there are movements and hand paths that give it a spiritual, meditative appeal when you get in the zone.

  • Visual Attention
  • Hand Grasp
  • Visual Tracking
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Confidence
  • Cause & Effect
  • Action Concepts
  • Range of Motion
  • Vestibular Input
  • Visual Perception
  • Gross Motor
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Motor Planning
  • Bilateral Coordination
  • Weight Shifting
  • Foot Placement

Special Needs Approved

“Spinballs provide children with a fun art form mixed with an exercise to express oneself, get a work out and entertain others with the beautifully colorful patterns possible.”

Release Your Inner Spinner!

Spinning poi is an activity you can progress with and challenge yourself. There are endless tricks to learn as you advance thru the different levels.

Learn the Moves & Motions