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Put a Spin on Camp Activities at Night!

Spinballs features a set of glowing LED poi attached to adjustable leashes – they change color and feature 8 light mode settings! Spin them around in rhythmical and geometric patterns to create a visual effect. It’s fun to do and fun to learn! Perfect for nighttime activities – individuals, pairs, groups, & theatre performances. For the joy of play, fitness, self-esteem, and meditation, the spinning fun never ends!

Learn the Moves & Motions

Spinning poi is an activity you can progress with and challenge yourself. There are endless tricks to learn as you advance thru the different levels. To make it easy, we have over 20 videos of fun lessons! Download our free app, or check out our videos.

Watch Videos

Additional Play Ideas:

  • Use the lit up Spinballs to spell things out in the dark and have someone else try to guess what was spelled.
  • Play “Red Light Green Light” by using the lights in the room. When the lights are off, spin away, but the second the lights come on, try to get the balls to stop moving as quick as possible.
  • Split the balls between two people to make it a copy and repeat game. The first player will choose a color and pattern, and the other person must attempt to recreate it.

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