Fun in Motion Health

Benefits of Play

Everyone has a body. Everyone has a brain. So why not do your brain and body some good? Learn about the mental and physical health benefits of playing with or using Fun in Motion Toys as part of your daily lifestyle.

Benefit #1


“Shortly after I started spinning poi I began to notice changes in my mood. I would find myself feeling positive about life and my place in this world. I found myself playing sometimes for hours with no signs of exhaustion. I have now been spinning faithfully everyday. I no longer suffer from depression and my anxiety problems have also greatly improved.” - Bryan K.

Benefit #2


 “I have ADHD and the Karmagami is a great fidget tool. It also helps me focus on school. What I love about it is when you flip it a new design pops up, also all the different colors.” - Ruby, age 9

Benefit #3

Brain Boost

Benefit #4

Stress Relief

Benefit #5

Being in the "Zone"

Let's Team Up

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