Spinballs LED Poi

Put on a show and light the night with our new and improved Glow.0 light engine!

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Rechargeable Glow poi

Spinballs Glow.0


Glow with the Flow

Create light trails at night!

Why Poi?

Practicing poi is useful for anyone – the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits are endless. Spinballs improves balance, coordination, reflexes and motor skills, as well as fosters flexibility in your body. Practicing poi boosts confidence and creates a sense of accomplishment. By learning the moves and motions, using Spinballs helps improve mental awareness and rhythm, concentration, processing speeds, and memory.

What is Poi?

Poi is Maori for 'ball on a string' and originated in New Zealand hundreds of years ago. Practicing poi improves flexibility, dexterity, coordination, and strength in arms and hands, while the movements and flowing hand paths give it a meditative appeal like Tai Chi.

22 Light Modes

Each Spinballs poi set comes with 2 poi balls attached to adjustable leashes, comfortable finger loops, and is rechargeable with USB (cords included). Each ball changes color and features 22 colorful light modes, including a customized mode.

Get Spinspired

Spinning poi is an activity you can progress with to challenge yourself. There are endless tricks to learn. Download the Fun in Motion Toys app for Android & Apple devices to learn the moves and motions. Over 20 instructional videos available!