Discover a new world

Shashibo Explorer Series

Unlock the

Shashibo, the shape shifting box.

The Great

Collapsible, levitating LED Wand.

Roll with

The original flow ring.

Glow with

Become a poi master.

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Shop our collection of unique toys that make you move and groove! Flip out with Karmagami. Unlock the mystery of Shashibo. Make magic happen with Wandini. Watch Mozi go from ring to zing. Become a poi master with Spinballs. All of our products provide hours of mesmerizing entertainment. There's fun in motion for everyone in the family!

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We gave our grandson a Mozi. He hardly put it down. Non-electric fun!


There's nothing quite like the Shashibo. Easy enough for older children to enjoy, intriguing and beautiful for adults to manipulate. 


My kids, who are 5 and 7, love all of the toys we got from Fun in Motion Toys. Fun for both boys and girls!