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Shashibo Battle Shapes
Wes Peden Juggling Balls
Spinballs Glow.0
Wandini Glow.0

Fun In Motion Toys Ranked No. 281 on the 2022 Inc. 5000 Annual List


Shashibo - 3D Magnetic
puzzle box.


Discover a new world.

Shashibo - 3D Magnetic puzzle box.

Fun In Motion Toys Ranked No. 281 on the 2022 Inc. 5000 Annual List

Shashibo box sets for every occasion!

Searching for something special? The Shashibo limited edition set is what you're looking for.

Whirl, Swirl, & Twirl

Make Magic Happen with our Glow.0 Toys.

Wes Peden Glow.0 LED Juggling Balls

Introducing the new Glow.0 LED Juggling Balls developed in collaboration with professional juggler Wes Peden.

Spinballs Glow.0

Spinballs Glow.0 is an activity you can progress with to challenge yourself. There are endless tricks to learn. Download the Fun In Motion Toys app for Android & Apple devices to learn the moves and motions. Over 20 instructional videos available!

Sensory Fidget Toy


Anyone can flip it forward and backward endlessly. No noise. No gimmicks. Just pure flipping fun!

Arm Spinner Toy

Mozi Flow Ring

Mozi is like a slinky for your arm. It spins continuously and effortlessly as it moves up and down – from one arm to another, or as you pass it to a friend.

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