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Shashibo Battle Shapes

About Us

Who We Are

Fun in Motion Toys is the creator of Spinballs, Mozi, Glozi, Shashibo, Wandini, and Karmagami. Our toys make you move and groove! If you're like us, you don't like to sit still. We're constantly looking for something to fidget with, or a new activity to learn, which is why we created our range of fun in motion products. We believe in creating mesmerizing toys that provide movement and activities that stimulate the mind and body for hours of fun - day and night.  

Benefits of Play

All of our products stimulate the mind and body in various ways. Learn about the different mental and physical benefits of playing with Fun in Motion Toys. 


Get off the couch and get moving! Spinballs, Mozi, and Wandini each improve skills like hand-eye coordination, reaction time, spatial awareness, and motor skills. 


Our products boost confidence and create a sense of accomplishment, because you learn something new. Plus, they make you think. Like solving Shashibo shapes. 


Dazzle your friends and family! All of our products bring people together to watch in amazement or to try their hand at the fun in motion. Work together to create new moves!

All hands on deck

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing high quality, affordable toys made to last and safe for all abilities. Our patented-products are designed in the United States and Germany, and made overseas.

Award-Winning Toys

We think all of our toys are winners, but some of these folks did too.


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About Us

We believe in creating mesmerizing toys that inspire movement in the body and stimulate the mind, for hours of fun, day and night!

Benefits Of Play

Learn about the different mental and physical benefits of playing with Fun In Motion Toys.

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Interested in selling Fun In Motion Toys products? You’re in the right place. Fill out the wholesale request form to get the ball rolling. We work with stores big and small!