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The 6 FIDGET Factors Of Shashibo

At first sight, Shashibo might seem like an ordinary fidget toy that entertains your mind and trains your fingers. But this innovative puzzle is much more than that. Each Shashibo is created with love and attention, adorned with the most amazing designs and the ability to fold into more than 70 shapes. And if we’re talking about its fidget factor - it hits home in all categories.

 Not sure what we mean by that? Well, we’re happy to explain Shashibo with all of it’s fidgety attributes based on the 6 letters of FIDGET.

1. F Stands For Flexible

Shashibo is the only toy in the world with the ability to change its form into 70+ shapes. Start with a cube and watch the toy turn into a star, hexagon and many more unique shapes with every fold. Shashibo’s flexibility is also an asset to the toy’s durability, so you definitely don’t need to be afraid that it will break after the first few twists.

2. I Stands For Interactive

Shashibo is one of the most interactive puzzles in the market - not only does it shapeshift, but it can also connect to other Shashibo thanks to the 36 rare earth magnets inside. This means that one puzzle is just the beginning - you can connect dozens of different one’s and create your very own Shashibo empire! And building it now is easier than ever, because the more Shashibo you buy, the less each one costs.

3. D Stands For Design

Design is one of the features that makes each Shashibo special and unique. Every single puzzle has 4 designs in total - one on the outside, that can be seen in it’s starting cube form, and three others hidden inside, which are discovered when transforming the Shashibo into different shapes. Everyone can find a design that fits their taste - they range from colorful to black and white, from undersea designs to our newest Grateful Dead x Shashibo collaboration.

4. G Stands For Groundbreaking

This puzzle is like nothing you’ve ever seen before - as mentioned above, it shapeshifts, connects with an infinite number of other Shashibo and the magnets inside create a satisfying, ASMR-worthy clicking noise when you shift from one shape to another. All in all, it’s truly one of a kind.

5. E Stands For Entertainment

The possibility of discovering each and every one of Shashibo’s shapes will drive you like nothing else. The process might be a bit hard at times, because you’ll definitely need some brainpower to find all of the 70 shapes, but it’s immensely fun and rewarding at the same time! It’s also a great way to develop your problem solving skills. But one of the most entertaining parts is connecting all of your Shashibo together. The possibilities are literally endless, and you can build anything short of the Empire State Building!

6. T Stands For Texture

Another amazing feature that the Shashibo offers is it’s smooth texture. You can choose from two finishes - matte and glossy - and both will feel immensely satisfying when you shift the Shashibo toy between your fingers.

All of these Shashibo factors make it the ideal fidget toy, because it offers innovation, entertainment, design, texture and fun all in one amazing puzzle. Shop Shashibo today and see for yourself, just be sure to take advantage of our bundle offers - the more Shashibo you buy and the less you pay!

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