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8 Reasons Why Shashibo

 Was A Finalist For “Toy of the Year”

There are dozens of indoor toys that we know, love and have played with for decades - the Rubik’s cube, Jenga, Lego, etc... but have you ever heard of Shashibo? It’s an innovative puzzle toy and it’s name stands for Shapeshifting Box, which is exactly what it is. 

If you’re curious, don’t like sitting still and possess a love for solving puzzles, Shashibo might be the perfect toy for you! This toy is not only fun and interesting though - it also happens to be quite good for you. 

You don’t have to take our word for it. In 2018 & 2021, Shashibo was a finalist for the coveted title of “Toy of the Year,” and we’re here to break down 8 good reasons as to why it deserves this honor.

1. Fun & Unique

Every toy is different, but Shashibo has a slight advantage - it can shapeshift. One Shashibo can transform into over 70 shapes! Start with a cube, end up with a star, hexagon, snake… Be wary though! You might need to think hard to get back to the shape you started with. At least at first. The possibilities are simply endless, so get ready to start cracking the Shashibo code.

2. Infinite Combinations

One other unique factor that the Shashibo toys possess is the ability to combine together. Each toy has 36 rare earth magnets that help to create different shapes, as well as combine them with other Shashibo cubes! Fuse an infinite number of them together and unleash your inner architect. You can pretty much build anything short of the Empire State Building! 

3. Keeps Your Mind Sharp

As mentioned above, one simple Shashibo can be transformed into 70+ different shapes. It’ll take time and serious brain power to discover all of them though. When you’re shifting the cube and clicking the magnets together, you’re keeping your mind active. Such motions can help increase your attentiveness which has been known to benefit the cognitive (intellectual) functions of your brain. Keeping these functions active can help prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases in old age.

4. Improves Motor Skills & Reflexes

When you consider memorizing a million different shapes while twisting and turning the Shashibo, you’ll realize that it’s not as easy as it seems. Well, at least at first. After you’ve been at it for a while, you’ll notice that it becomes easier and easier - that’s your muscle memory and reflexes improving. Quick reflexes are not only good for solving puzzles. They can help you read, visually identify items and notice colors quickly. 

Shifting Shashibo also improves your finger dexterity, which helps you type faster on computers and quickly reply to messages on your cell phone. Working on agility and dexterity can also prevent and help with joint degeneration.

5. Improves Problem Solving

Life is all about solving problems. Sometimes it’s your own, and sometimes it’s someone else's. The basis for this skill is defining an issue, breaking it down into smaller parts and addressing each of them one by one. With over 70 shapes to figure out and even more possibilities when you connect multiple Shashibo together, this toy is a great learning experience. When you sit and solve the puzzle, you must focus and turn each section, and connect the magnets all while realizing that every twist affects subsequent moves. The faster you learn to identify the patterns and create shapes, the better your problem solving skills become.

6. Stress Buster

Various studies have actually shown that solving puzzles while you are distressed can cool your brain down and make you feel better, which is why this toy can also be used as a way to relieve stress and relax your mind. While toys like the Rubik’s cube may cause frustration, the Shashibo and it’s calmly clicking magnets are sure to help you relax after a stressful day. Just pick one up and shift all of your worries away.

7. Stunning Colors & Patterns

The Shashibo come in various color schemes and patterns, all gorgeous in their own way. Each toy is adorned with 4 different patterns - one on the outside and three on the inside. You can choose between primary colors, blues, black & white color schemes and so much more! Shashibo even has their “artist series” designs to select from, designed by the world renowned “Father of Digital Art,” Laurence Gartel. Pick your favorites and combine them to see how all the patterns match together!

8. Beloved By All Ages

Shashibo is one of the few toys that has no age limit. Everyone can figure it out and have fun with it in their own way. It is fit for everyone, whether it be an active child, a stressed adult or a curious elderly person. It’s simply a toy that’s beloved by the entire family.

These are the main reasons why Shashibo deserves your attention. It’s not only a toy for fun, but also for your well-being. We hope that you give it a chance and create some amazing shapes while you’re at it. Fun is definitely guaranteed while you’re trying to discover them all.

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