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Shashibo Battle Shapes

Walmart Exclusive Shashibo Series

Art Worx!

The LATEST Shashibo series from artist Laurence Gartel is available EXCLUSIVELY at Walmart! Collect and connect 2, 3, 4, or more together to create larger geometric structures. Made out of recycled ABS plastic and 36 internal rare earth magnets within each Shashibo, all of which are recyclable ♻️ at the end of their life!

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Shape Shifting Puzzle

Not just any basic cube toy. Discover why Shashibo has been the #1 selling toy, and a finalist for “Toy of the Year” three years in a row!

Invented by Andreas Hoenigschmid

Sand artist by day. Shashibo mastermind at night. Inspired by his love of design, geometry and sand art, Andreas wanted to create a magnetic puzzle toy that would be accessible to people of all ages and walks of life, even those vision-impaired. Once he figured out how to magnetically combine the units within each other, he realized this was the idea he'd been waiting for his whole life. Thus, the Shashibo (Shape Shifting Box) was born.

Art Worx Series featuring Laurence Gartel

Known as the “Father of Digital Art”, Gartel’s artwork has been included in collections at the Museum of Modern Art, Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, Bibliothèque Nationale Paris, the Victoria & Albert Museum London, and more! Fun Fact: Laurence taught Andy Warhol how to create digital art!

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We are Fun In Motion Toys

We have always had a passion for toys, especially those that can make you move and groove! We are constantly on the lookout for something fun, new, and interactive. That's why we created our very own mesmerizing line of toys, and we're extremely excited to have you on this journey with us!

Collect & Connect

The more Shashibo you have, the merrier. Can you and your kids master the combination shapes? Connecting many Shashibo together is an engaging activity that will also connect you as a family. You’ll be amazed at what you can create together!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2366 reviews
Seth Miller
I have 27 and need more.

I have 27, and I want to get at least to 64, so 37 more to go, I have some shapes in mind that I want to make, and they all are the red ones and the remaining 37 are going to be red too.

Not Just For Kids

I am 62 with anxiety, ET, and ADD. I have graduated from one cube to four. I enjoy making the shapes, and I always carry 1-2 cubes with me . This is a great toy for seniors because it keeps the mind sharp and the hands busy. It's a stress killer.

donald W. Rouse

Gotta love them or somethings ain't right !! LOL

Lauryl Shearn
Amazing toy

Bought Shashibo for my granddaughter at Christmas. She loves it!!! Buying the game for Valentine's Day. Highly recommend this toy, hours of fun.

Give it a try, the more the merrier.

As soon as you try it you realize that you never have enough shashibos. The fun increases with the more you have. I currently have 10 and I already gave away 15 of them. My brother has about 20. I have notice a lot of issuses with the shape guide they have, but it is still a good referance. The shashibo is a great toy I would recommend to everyone.

Jasmin Amely

We are enjoying these immensely! I can see us using them for generations!!

Donna Ward

Great gift for an 80 year old. I love mine.

Great gift

I had to take the time to write a review for this Shashibo toy. I Decided to give these to all of my grandchildren on Christmas Eve thought it might keep them busy. Maybe. They are ages 18 to 5. They never put them down all Christmas Eve. I now noticed them in their backpacks that they take them to school to play with other kids. And without being prompted to go to the website, they figured out how to use two of them together. What a great gift for a kid of any age. Even the adults are getting a kick out of it. Very well-made product would absolutely buy it again.

Too much fun!

I bought 1 to see if it was worth the price. ABSOLUTELY! I ended up buying another 12 for Christmas gifts. All my kids and grands love them and they love showing me how to create additional shapes with multiple cubes!

First time

Bought some of these for Christmas. Grandchildren loved them so much that their parents bought them more. Worth every cent.

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